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Now is the time to call on the UK government and education authorities around the world to make statutory the teaching of mental health and wellbeing strategies from the early years.

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It’s time for change

Mental health disorders are affecting almost 20% of the population, and all research points to the fact that prevention is much more effective than cure and that developing positive daily habits is key.

We need to equip children with the tools they need to navigate this ever-changing world, helping them become optimistic and resilient, become kinder and more compassionate, and enjoy higher self-esteem. This can be done with just 10 minutes a day allocated to the teaching of mental health and wellbeing strategies in schools.

It’s time for change. Join us, The Happy Confident Company, and join our movement by signing our petition now.

"Teaching wellbeing in schools can be a life or death issue."
Sir Anthony Seldon
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of children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
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of children with mental health problems do not get intervention early enough
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increase in death by suicide among UK teens over the past decade
Why we launched this petition

The Happy Confident Company develops programmes and resources for children, families and schools to improve the happiness and confidence of children.  

We believe that emotional intelligence and life skills such as self-belief, resilience, and compassion are essential to help children thrive. These skills need to be taught both in schools and at home.

And it takes only 10 focused minutes a day using the right tools to have a positive, profound impact on children, as proven by the tens of thousands of families and schools that already use our resources. We launched this campaign because 10 minutes a day can really transform our society.

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Sir Anthony Seldon
Linda Papadopoulos
Dr Linda Papadopoulos
Nadim Saad
Mo Gawdat
Dr Mark Williamson
Emma Willis
Natasha Devon MBE
Dr Ally Jaffee
We need your support

FREE Resources for schools

As an example of what 10 minutes of well-being may look like in class, we are offering some of our tried and tested primary school resources FREE to all schools.

Hosted by Emma Willis, together with primary and secondary kids, and a crazy professor, HCMtv is a brand new 10-episode programme teaching children key powers from self-awareness, to optimism, interoception to growth mindset, resilience to mindfulness, creativity, compassion and more. Delivered in neat 10 minute chunks.

If you’d like to sign up to receive HCMtv and it’s associated activities, perfect for upper KS2, and find out about other free resources for early years and KS1, please email us at

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I, the aforementioned alongside The Happy Confident Company, am calling on the UK government and education authorities to make statutory the teaching of mental health and wellbeing strategies from the early years.

Early intervention is essential to help children better cope with the pressures they are facing. 10 minutes of mental health and wellbeing initiatives a day will equip children with the tools they need to navigate this ever changing world and help them become more optimistic and resilient, be kinder and more compassionate and have higher self-esteem.

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